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Hello Baby

(0-3 months)

To support parents with newborn babies, we offer informative  webinars, as well as baby massage and stimulation classes, which can be accessed by all parents in the Middle East.


Introduced by Oana (mum-of-three, experienced practitioner with multiple trainings done in the UK, and founder Smart Start Kids), our Hello Baby progamme has multiple benefits for parents, as they will:

  • discover their newborn's sensitivities, needs, capabilities;
  • learn how to stimulate their baby's development;
  • improve parenting skills, while bonding with their baby;
  • interact with other parents with babies of similar age.
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Baby Sensory

(0-13 months)

Specifically designed for babies from birth, Baby Sensory is packed with an  incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, massage and even baby signing. We promise - you’ll never  experience the same class twice!

Based on decades of scientific research, the sessions have been designed with your baby's learning and growth in mind.

Activities focus on all areas important in the baby"s first year of life, by promoting brain, motor skills, language, sensory and socio-emotional development.

Toddler Sense

(1 - 4 years)

At Toddler Sense structured play goes hand in hand with imagination, freedom, and adventure! Each week introduces a whole new world of magical delights: imagine zooming through space, partying like pirates or scuba-diving in a magical sea!

Games, music, dance, gym, play and lots of fun at this adventure themed program. Based on decades of scientific research, the program stimulates the motor, language and socio-emotional skills of children, while preparing them for nursery and school .

Science Classes

(2.5 - 6 years)

At Mini Professors we show children how science

relates to every day life through fun, interactive

experiments. Based on the UK curriculum, our program dives into Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering and includes 80 fascinating science topics, covering everything from Human Body, to Electricity, Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and even Space!


        Lessons promote scientific thinking and essential skills, such as fine-motor precision, questioning, creativity, and problem-solving.

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